• Renewal

  • Rest

  • Reflection

  • Supportive residential community

  • Residence

  • Living room + kitchen for 25 people

Why Connect?

Connect stands for:

  • Connected to God
  • Connected to each other
  • Connected to God’s creation

The name also indicates:

  • Connection with churches and Christian organisations in the country.
  • Connection with the neighbours and community.


We desire to be a place of renewal, reflection, and finding rest. Would you like to retreat from the busyness and pressure of everyday life for a while? You can contact us for a stay of anywhere from a few days to a few weeks or months. There is also the possibility of coming with a group. There is a supportive Christian community of three families on-site. Cooperation with churches and other organisations. We work together with churches and organisations that provide pastoral care. We can coordinate with them to set up appointments for those who desire further conversations and/or counseling.


  • forgiveness
  • humility
  • respect for persons and creation
  • commitment
  • love
  • patience


  • Peter and Kristin Bordon
  • Rik and Riet Desmet
  • Duane and Penny Unruh
  • Luc and Magda Calcoen
  • Ronny and Yvonne Depauw

Contact data

vzw Christelijke Herbronning Connect
Oudenaardseweg 140

gsm: +32 497 67 99 99

IBAN BE64 6528 4357 6952

BIC-code of SWIFT-code: HBKABE22



Recommended by

Christian Renewal Connect is recommended by:

  • Pastoral center ‘Attent’
  • Ko de Nood, president of Free Evangelical Churches of Flanders (VEG)
  • Rosario Anastasi, president of Evangelical Christian Churches  (ECV)
  • Kurt Maeyens, director of VIANOVA
  • Koen Celis, president of Pentecostal Churches (VVP)
  • David Buntinx, president EAV
  • Bethesda