• Renewal

  • Rest

  • Reflection

  • Supportive residential community

  • Residence

  • Living room + kitchen for 25 people

Back to the source - back to the essentials, to what really matters - revival, rebirth, renewal. Find the strength again for everyday life - find the right track again – Find solutions and recovery - take time for rest, reflection, meditation - God's Word, prayer – conversations, support - new power - encouragement - Renewal

Supportive community

On the grounds of Christian Renewal Connect is a residential community that desires to serve as a social safety net for the guests. Together we want to make ourselves available, providing a listening ear, prayer and moments of reflection, and surround the guests with love and patience. We want to be there for the guests, but also for each other through community and mutual encouragement. In this way we desire to grow in our ability to care for the needs of the guests. By dividing the work according to skills, and sharing materials, we want to free up more time and resources to serve the guests and offer an alternative to our materialistic-centered society. We want to be an example of living together in harmony with the Creator and His creation, and to serve one another, the guests, the neighborhood and the community.

Our target group

At C.H. Connect we have seven (7) studios available to receive our guests for a short or longer stay. The studios each feature a living room, an open sleeping area, a kitchen and a bathroom with toilet and shower. They are comfortable for two people, but you can also use a sofa bed in the living room. You can use our accommodations, individually or as a group, to recharge your batteries in the midst of the fields and hills of the Flemish Ardennes. If you need a time of rest as you consider an important decision, you are certainly welcome here. We are also available for small-scale conferences. Leaders or groups who want to meet together undisturbed, or want to work on vision development and team building have come to the right place. Please let us know your needs and we can look together toward a path of refreshment and recovery. Back to our source of hope, faith and love: Jesus, our Creator and Redeemer, connected to nature and each other, Connect wants to be there for you.

In and around CH Connect

In and around Connect there is a lot to experience. Come and find out! You can participate in various activities without obligation. We hope this makes every guest’s stay worthwhile, helping to achieve the purpose for the visit. While we especially want to respect the peace and rest in and around the studios, we also offer Bible studies, prayer and reflection at Connect. In collaboration with the pastoral center Attent, we offer the opportunity to follow a program of rehabilitation. Teambuilding in various shapes and sizes is available just 3km from our facilities: see www.theoutsidervlaamseardennen.be. The nearby paths between the fields call out for a bicycle ride or a hike to relax and to build up new energy. Other kinds of nature tours are also a possibility. If you would like to work with your hands in nature, we offer the opportunity of gardening, to literally feel the green and the soil. Every week there is also the opportunity to get your mind off things by participating in a creative workshop. Connect is a stone's throw from the beautiful city of Oudenaarde which invites you to discover the culture of the city and maybe even provides a little distraction and relaxation by shopping. Group activities in Connect (such as shared meals) facilitate contact with each other and provide warmth. These are therefore also regularly scheduled. Depending on the further development of the project and the supportive housing community, more opportunities will certainly arise and develop. We would love to hear your suggestions and desires.

We wish you a pleasant, relaxing and refreshing stay.


  • Peter and Kristin Bordon
  • Rik and Riet Desmet
  • Duane and Penny Unruh
  • Luc and Magda Calcoen
  • Ronny and Yvonne Depauw

Contact data

vzw Christelijke Herbronning Connect
Oudenaardseweg 140

gsm: +32 497 67 99 99

IBAN BE64 6528 4357 6952

BIC-code of SWIFT-code: HBKABE22



Recommended by

Christian Renewal Connect is recommended by:

  • Pastoral center ‘Attent’
  • Ko de Nood, president of Free Evangelical Churches of Flanders (VEG)
  • Rosario Anastasi, president of Evangelical Christian Churches  (ECV)
  • Kurt Maeyens, director of VIANOVA
  • Koen Celis, president of Pentecostal Churches (VVP)
  • David Buntinx, president EAV
  • Bethesda